Thursday, December 16, 2010

well well
what do you think after you first read about the title ?
no, no , i won't share about the subject
it's a BORING. hehe
justt wanna sharee about how passion can make you really 'lively '
ngerti gaa ?
tadi pas presentasi tentang finance, my friend named Ryska seems soo happy.
because what ? it just because she reaaly love this subject.
ehm, jadi menerka-nerka kalo lagi apa yaa muka gue se-seneng ituu. hehe
katanya sih kalo MARKETING !
oh, i love this subject, and ABSOLUTELY gonna choose it for my concentration.
but, there's still many things to leaarn ifaa deaar.
dan yang paling penting, MARKETING is NOT COMMON SENSE
hahaha, ituu diee yang susaah. kebiasaan common sense sih -___-''

just wanna sharee that, me come back sooon :*


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