you, yes you

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

don't you know i try and i try to make you out of my mind ?
don't you know even only seeing your tweets can make my heart beat faster ?
don't you know that everytime we almost meet on campuss
i always try to not look at you ?
i miss you dear boy, i reaally miss you
maybe you think that my feeling is not real
but i want to tell you that i even love you
tell me why it hurts when we even never talk anymore ?
tell me why we even never chat anymore ?
i know it's kinda weird
but, i often think that you're my future husband
geez, poor me.
i thought i can let you go
but until now, i just can't erase my feeling
it was too strong, dear boy.
i know that we were only have a unexplain relationship
but it was and still means a lot for me
seems too cheesy, right ?
but i swear it's real
even when i hear from your classmate that you ever tell about me
i'm just happy but also sad.
maybe , you're just not for me
yeah, maybe i have to seeking for someone else
but still, i miss youu
i miss when we can share the craziness
i miss when we motivate ech other
oh my gooodnesss

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