what ya doing ?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

hey, sudah lama tidak bercerita disini.
entah kenapa tapi sekarang mungkin ifa lebih suka berkata-kata langsung saja.
anyway, life getting harder everyday
but all i can do is just do my best and through with it,
the question is...
have i do my best ?
have i do my best for my academic thing ? i dont think so
have i do my best for kastrat ? nope
have i do my best to get a new love an have a good relationship ? absolutely not
have i do my best for ibec 2011 ? not yet
see fa ?
what exactly you do sih selama 2011 ini ?
i've been fooling around :(
i dont know, sometimes i just feel like this
feel like im the most useless person in the world
its okay kan ya ?
karena mungkin gue emang useless..

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