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Monday, January 02, 2012

wan an !

post pertama di tahun 2012 !
well di tahun 2011 kmrn salah satu wish list ifa adalah :
haha pasti ketawa deh kalo temen2ku pada tau.
dan di penghujung 2011,
gue menyadari bahwa there's a man that care much about me.
bener2 baru sadar gitu dan gue bahkan ga percaya if he really has a feeling towards me.
and he keeps showing his efforts,
and if my friends ask " so, how do you feel about him ? "
i'll answer " i dont know yet but i'm happy with this "
this things somehow boost up my personal confidence
i used to think that no one like me and i don't have anything to like about.
but well, there he is :)

if he read this, i just want you to know that i'm happy now.
and i wish. you'll continue care about me
eventhough i dont know where will this relationship going,
but lets just enjoy every moment of it. ;)

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