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Sunday, May 27, 2012

because yesterday was twenty sixth, so we're officially together for 4 months !
yeaaay, time flies so fast right ?
i currently enjoy my new life and i hope he does too
we slowly getting closer
and the most important thing is i could tell about anything to him hehe
but  i have to control my heart too
because we never know what will happen
to be honest, i really feel this love
i dunno why, but just a simple thing he do means a lot to me
in this past months, i changed a lot and he did too
we both changed a lot in positive way of course :)
we just keep seeking a way to more understand each other
haaaaa, i just lose my words to tell about him more
but just want the world know that
i do love him and i want to maintaining this relationship too.
wish the best for us yaaah A ! :* <3

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