mom and me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You know who is my bestfriend in the world ?
Without doubt, i will say my very very bestfriend is my beloved mother :)
Yaa i can't even lying to my mother
And i can tell her about everything !
After face a tiring day,  i just wanna talk to mom and share with her
She's could be my bestfriend, my mom, my teacher oh she's just AWESOME !
I wish i could as good as her
I know she's also not perfect
But she make me realize that we could just be the best version of ourselves
There's so many quotes of life that she told me and truly happen !
And after everything than she has been through
I'm just wanna make her happy
Make her proud of having a daughter like me ;)
I love you so much mom
I really hope Allah SWT give me a chance to make you happy
I'm promise i will never let you down
Thank you for everything you did to me
I love youu so much much much much

- your first and lovely daughter


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