Sunday, November 11, 2012

Okaay so last week was full of dissapointment ( lebay) hehe
But good news is failure make us stronger right ?
Or maybe God just letting me wait for better things ( i hope so )
It is official that i'm not gonna be part of UI Mengajar
I know i wasn't giving my best perfomance at teaching simulation
I didn't prepare properly for this event
Otherwise the other participants were really prepared
It's okay then :)
Actually i really had many life lessons here :
-) UI Mengajar forced me to make my first non academic essay ( shame, i knoow :3)
-) UI Mengajar forced me to re-think about my real passions
-) UI Mengajar made me know that you always have to give your best perfomance,
 no matter what happen and no excuses ! :)
Thanks for the experience UI Mengajar !
And thanks for letting me passed all the test except the last one hihi :)

Lets seeking other ways to contribute faa !
Because its never too late for doing something good :)

Zai Jian :D

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