dont whinning

Thursday, January 24, 2013

ok i know i've been really luck to having chance being intern at FMCG company
and its truly what i've been waiting for
but you know sometimes life is not as easy as you think
marketing world especially on FMCG company is really dynamic
eventhough i love challenges but i still think i'm not ready
i'm just an intern but why there's so many things to do ?
i know i really lucky to have this chance, to learn about this
but are the responsibility really this big ?
i shouldnt whinning
but cant you imagine
if when just being intern i'm already exhausted
then what about your dreams fa ?
being a brand manager is a long way to go
and if you could through this well
your dreams sure come true
come on fa ! maximize your efforts !
you sure know you can do it :)

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