Whats on 2012 ?

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Okay i know this is a very late post but better late than never, right ? hehe
Its 2013 already !
But i left many memories on 2012 that i like to mention one by one
Please get your self ready :p

1) Finally have a new boyfriend !
     Okay after being single for almost 2 and half years, finally he come
      Eventhough still around my circumstances and really surprising
      But we enjoy this relationship a lo and this month we'll gonna have 1st anniversary :)

2) Travelling to Bali with college's bestfriends
    Bought the cheapest ticket 6 months before and preparing the lowest trip
    It was really FUN ! Beach, water sport, food, see youu soon Bali :)

3) Volunteering on Java Jazz Festival
   I used to think that it really hard to be chosen as volunteer
   But thankfully i've got a chance to be Info Booth Officer
   And also i could watched my favorite band : D'Sound live !
   Yihaaa ! What a cool experience :D

4) Internship at Frontier Consulting Group
    Gained new friends, much knowledge and also life lessons here
    Thanks for this opportunity  Bu Fara :)

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