Monday, February 18, 2013

My first post in my new age ! :)
First of all, i wanna thank Allah SWT for the uncountable blessings :")|
Thank you Allah for making me this kind of person
For giving me all things that i ever needed ;)

Thank you my family especially mom
For giving me a birth
For patiently raising me since i'm still a baby till adult like now
For the teach and the lessons about life that you taught me
For always reminder me that i'm strong enough to do something
For cheering me up my darkest day
And for being my all time favorite home :*

Thank you my friends !
For the laughs, the sadness, the bullying, the motivations
I love you all unconditionally
Sorry for still not being a good friend for you all :")

Thank you dearest A
For your sincere love :*
For your unstopabble caring
For let me being me without trying to change me
For always being there whenever i needed :)
I love you, you know that huh ?

I hope in this new age
I'll be a better womaan
A woman with bigger perspective and a clear vision
A woman who knows what she really want for her life
Hope i could decrease my bad habbit
Become more responsible and dependable :)

Welcome 21 !
Cheers for the new age :))

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