almost 2 months

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey theree !
Life been busy and getting hard hehe
But seriously i've tried to make it more fun
I'd like to tell about my current internship
Here's 10 fun facts about my intenship :
1) I was chosen among those many applicants ( sombong dikit yah haha )
2) My big boss is chinese but he's really nice and funny sometimes
3) My division is Confectionary, so i handle 2 products : Cadbury & Toblerone ( free chocolate yippie)
3) On my 4th day of internship, i have to brief the sales promotion girl ALONE ! ( huftness)
4) During my first week, i;ve almost gave up hehe
5) Learnt about much much things during the first week
6) My pocket allowance isn't high but at least its enough ( Alhamdulillah )
7) Being called " Bu Ifa " or " Mbak Ifa" by the suppliers ( biasanya berubah pas udah ketemu haha )
8) Meeting with many suppliers and vendors ( Fun yet challenging )
9) I became more responsible and more detail
10) Too many things to handle yet so little time hehe

Thats all
But for closing, i really thankful to Allah SWT for given me this chance
Lets seize it faa :") :D

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