Wont give up !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ni haao !
Long time no write ! hihihi :)
Actually today is a public holiday
So i dont go either to office or campuss
And just staying at home all day long
Its really like in heaven

Anywaay, i wanna tell about my current side activity within this year
Are you curious enough to knowing whats thaat ?
*drumroll* Its Mandarin Coursee !
Wuhuuuu, i know i've been currently learning mandarin since 2011
Well i must say its not that easy you know
Many people said that Mandarin is one of the most difficult language in the world
Its true i think !
Beside we have to remember the character ( hanzi) , the tone and also the grammar
Honestly, i oftenly feel that i wanna give up
Or even think about why fuc*in i learn this language ?
But thats the meaning of learning right ?
When you want to be someone better then you must doing harder
I know i've been really lazy and sometimes not maximally learned
Last year i failed on level 4th and i decide to repeated it and promise to myself to learn better
Promise will always be promises
I got this internship and sometimes even dont have time to do some Mandarin exercise
I feel guilty, i feel like why i even more sacrifice ?
Next saturday, i will have my 2nd quiz
It has to be really well unless i could failed 2 times !
Get your spirit high Ifa !
Because you know, you can do it :)

Jiayou ! Fightiing ! ;D

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