New Challenge

Friday, April 19, 2013

I've heard a quotes by someone that says :
"In order to be a better person, you must keep challenge yourself"
So this year, i committed to challenge myself to doing something different every week or every month.
Today, i've just challenge myself to join Travel Writing Scholarship 2013
Basically the reasons why i finnaly joined it is because the prize is :
" Travelling to Beijing, China !"
It's one of my biggest dream ! Hehe :)
I know my writing isn't good enough but i least i tried, right ? :D

Oh anyway, did i tell you that i was chosen being participant in JMUN ?
Hihihi, so unpredictable !
But i'm still confused whether i should join that or not :(

Unfortunately, my thesis still stucked ( okay, i wont blaming others)
I think i'm too lazy to do it hehe
Haa i wish next week, i already could spreading the questionnaire
And hopefullly all be done on early of May. Aamiiin :D

Catch with you lateer :D


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