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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yesterday i was having a really deep conversation with my A
We talked about what we wanna do after graduated
And it made us think that we still have plenty of dreams to reach
We both would like to try the management trainee program eventhough not in same company
And he also wants to making his mom happy before he finally married
I also want to be a butterfly that wanna try many of new experiences year ahead
The point is we both need time to grow ourself into a better person in financial aspects also mentality aspects
But we both really in love..
So we make a decision that we gonna separate for a while
Sounds really extreme right ? Hehehe
We must to admit that the relationship we currenty getting through is Haram in Islam
And i think if i already know its haram then why we still do it ?
I have my faith on him, and i guess he has faith towards me too
Then let us connect each other again when we're ready
Sure you know what i mean right ?
I've ever heard a haddist that said :
" If the man is good for you, then he will come to your parents and asked to propose you"
No no i dont mean that i want him to propose as soon as possible
But i think if A is a good man for me, then let time prove it
Let give us time to develop ourself better
I know its not gonna be easy but i believe its really worth to try :")
This decision will be implemented right after we have our graduation day !
So, i hope this gonna work well on us
And what we expect will be come true. Aamiin

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