Life After Graduated

Friday, July 05, 2013

I know the title is reallly lame but i think life after graduated from colloge is one of the hardest moment
Hmm dont know why but what path you choose will really affected to your upcoming life.
I used to think that the "  career galauness" will only attack those who dont have any life target
But then i felt it too ! Hehe
At first i really hope i could being an employee on FMCG company or Brand Consultant
And i still only insisted it to by my priority until now
The problem is sometimes life isn't happen as you expect to be
We have to admitted that the competitiveness in career world is really huge right now.
There's much more person with higher GPA, higher capabilty of English etc
All i have to do is just doing my best and pray to Allah SWT

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  1. wah.. insyaAllah I'll graduate as well in a few years time. Amiin Aamiin....

    come follow my blog, it would mean alot to me :)
    salam.. <3


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