Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Remember about what i told on early April ?
About a promise that will be start exactly after me and him graduated ?
Unfortunately the time flies to fast
It's time for us to implement what we promise before
Promise to breaking up
Promise to focuss on career first
Promise to just letting the God decide whether we destined to be together or not

After 19 months together
Sure you know, that separation will never be easy
Deep in my heart, i scream i wish i never think about this promise
I've been really attached to him
I've been really depends on him
And it make me scared
Scared when know that my life will never be the same again.
And this feeling really make me crazy

He told me to be strong
He told me to not easily give up
He told me to commit for our promise
So I tried to control my self
But yesterday, i cant no longer control it
I said to him that i miss him so much
I know i'm too shameful
Girl usually dont say about what her feeling first

Sadly, he teased me last night
And today when i told about my problems
He started to act like we still together and gave me an intimate emoticon.

Does he know that i've been controling my self these 2 days ?
Does he know how hard it is to not call him just the way i was ?
He is the one who told me to decrease the communication
He is the one who told me to act just like normal not like couple

I'm confused
I dont know what to do
I dont know how to respond him

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