pathetic girl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I tried to turn my attention to another things but i just cant stop thinking of him.
I keep wondering what he currently do, is he miss me as much as i do.
Hoping that he would chat me first, even just a simple greetings or lunch reminder.
Am i being unimportant to him ?
Or i'm just a pathetic girl who demands attention and affection.
I used to share everything with him
But now he even rarely ask about my condition
I truly know that situation isnt the same now.
We no longer have relationship and its the risk.
But he once said that he'll always care for me
And make sure that i'm safe wherever i am.
So why he didnt fulfill his promise ?
Why always me who have to understand ?
Its too pathetic to demand someone's attention who no longer care for you.
It hurt so much until i still cant stop my tears :"""(

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