wait for me, will you ?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

you know you love someone so much
when he or she already make you cry
but you still want him beside you
i know i shouldn't feeling sad now
because it all clear
i know the reason why he suddenly become like this
and i also i'm already understand about the situation
but i just can't forget one thing that he said to me
" i'm in the process of proving my promises to you "
" wait for me, will you?"
oh my, i think its one of the sweetest think i've ever heard :")
by knowing that he still wants me to be with him in the future
by knowing that he currently fighting for his own life but still thinking of me
i think i could endure the pain now
i will be patient and i'll be focus on another things too
i hope someday our sacrifices become really worth it :)

jiayou !
ps : i (always) love you that much <3 p="">

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