Life Wont Be Always Like We Want

Monday, March 24, 2014

Haloooo ! As an optimist person
I really hate seeing oother person who really pessimist about their life
Especially the ones i really love
Maybe i've said some harsh words to him
But it really because i care of him :(
And i want him to know that sometimes life surely getting us down.
But we cant just give up.
Just remember that there life is changing, hidup itu pasti berputar kan ?
I know maybe sometimes other people think that i'm such a lucky to be an employee in FMCG company.
But they didnt know what i've been through.
Now if i ask them, what did they do when we just graduate from high school ?
I was already start my work experience that time, jadi SPG di PRJ. Hrs standby dari 9pagi ampe jam 1 malem :""). Berdiri 7 jam terus terusan, digoda-godain orang.
Kalian ngerasain ga ?
Terus waktu liburan semester kuliah kalian ngapain ?
Karena keuangan keluarga gue memburuk, dari tahun 2010 gue selalu kerja pas liburan.
Jadi Part Time Moslem Fashion Assistant di Shafira.
Puasa-puasa turun tangga 4 lantai, dimarahin konsumen, kalo buka puasa seringnya jam 9 karena toko penuh terus apalagi kalo seminggu menjelang lebaran, ada midnight shopping. Kena deh lembur ampe jam 2 malem haha. Capeek bgt kalo diinget-inget
Kalian ngerasain ga ?
Maksud gue, how can you do a bigger things if you never do a small things ?

I know some people get a good job because their high GPA or because their outstanding organizational activities.
And i'm really so so about those two hehe IPK aja ga nyampe 3,5 cyin.
But i do have my differentiation, i have working experience.
And somehow itu jadi modal yang bagus ketika lo nyari kerja beneran setelah lulus kuliah.

So if you think you havent got your dream job yet
Just take chances to enhance your job experiences
I know its really hard to do, susah untuk ngelakuin yang kita ga suka
But it's a process you should through.
Sometimes God test us to see how strong can we go
But dont worry dear, because Allah SWT always have a better plan for us !
Keep on believing that :")

- Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusias -

. Ifalifa

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