The 1st 3 months

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heyhooo !
Wuidiih makin banyak ajaa yg baca blog sampah ini ya wkwk
Buat yg baca ini untuk mencari informasi tentang MT-MTan baik Nestle, Garuda etc
Maafkan gue kalo gue krg informatif yaa
Yah at least i tried to share what i've been through kaan ? Wkwk :3

Anyway on this post i wanna to tell you about my 1st 3 months on Perfetti Van Melle.
Actually it have been really excitiing but also challenging
I'm assigned on Gum kategory or especially Big Babol
And in my first months, i already being involve in some big projectt.
Of course it really enthusiast although sometimes i scare i cant meet my user's expectation. But i'll keep learning
My direct user is a nice boss. She surely one of the smartest brand manager i've ever met hehe
I've already making some mistakes but she said its okay to making mistakes sometimes but you have to learn from that mistakes.
And to be truthfully, if you want to have career on marketing then you need learn a looooot of things hehe
You've to be creative, really attention to details,  always keep your eyes open for any other competitors activity.
Its sometimes exhausting sih tapi its really challenging krn ini real work life
Its my time to prove that i could be the one who expert on marketing & branding hehe
Kan punya targeet sebelum 27 jadii Brand Manageer :3
Also the colleagues are so nice !
Even in my second week , i already being bullied by them alias ceng-cengin ( tetep aja yak dr sma nasib gini gini aja wkwk)
I'll be officially 3 months in a couple days loh hehe !
I hope i can show my best efforts and can prove that i deserve to be part of them hihi

Wish me very very luck :D

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  1. Haaaiiii, Ifa! :D Salam kenal. Saya kebetulan punya cita2 kayak kamu juga, pengin MT di MNC FMCG :') Mau nanya soal di mana dapet notif soal vacancy MT Perfetti Van Melle nih. Coca Cola saya juga apply, tapi kok ga ada calling mulu yah. Kalo kamu dulu Coca Cola lamarnyah via apa/di mana? MAKASIH YAAAAH! \:D/ Good luck kerjanyah! :)

    1. Halo Naomi ! Waah goodluck cita-citamu yaa. Aku waktu itu ditelfon sih sm pihak Perfetti buat ikut psikotes. Kalo Coca Cola GTP , aku apply pas di Kompas Karier Fair. Kyknya klo lewat jobfair gitu lebih cepet deh hihi. Good luck yaa :D


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