Lets Move To Other Things

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alohamoraa !
Yeay udah mau 9000 views
Semogaa bulan depan nyampe 10000 ! Amiin
Anyway, this months highlight adalah i finally let him go
You know even i stop crying at night ( sounds impossible, right ?)
But from middle of April, i start to think that its enough
Its time to stop re-reading the last page.
It doesnt mean that i totally forget everything
It just i finally realize that i have to be mature enough to let it go ( *backsoud*)
And its time to move to other things !

Masih banyak faa yang harus dipikirin
Karir yang masih belum safe karenaa harus ngebuktiin kalo ifa capable dan layak jd MT
Mandarin yang ternyata ga lulus lagi ( sedih banget )
Printilan buat apply s2 di China
Dan hal hal laiiinnyaa
Because my life is too precious to be waste for someone who even dont belong to me anymore.
Jadiii ? Lets move on, shall we ? :))

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