My Dream Wedding Proposal

Sunday, June 22, 2014

So i watched one of the Modern Family episode.
This episode is about when Mitchell and Cam were finally can getting married
So they just prepare the best way to propose each other.
Its truly sweeet hihi eventhough in the end all they plan is ruined.

And this episode is inspire me to wrote about my dream proposal
Although i dont know for whom i wrote this post haha #sedih
So i was dreamt to be propose in one sweet candle light dinner
But later on i thought this is too cheesy hehehe
And now i always imagine that i'll be propose in Airport.
Why Airport ?
Because i dreamt i'll have my master degree in abroad
But when i come back in Indonesia, i'll marry someone
Hahaha these things are too ridicoulus, right ?
I really wish these all will come true
Isnt it so sweet to be propose when you just going back to home ?
Its like he already waiting you these time :"")
And he just cant wait any longer to propose, and he do that when he pick me up in Airprt
I still dont know who is my soulmate is
But i wish he read this post and know about this wkwk
Although its still imagination but at least it makes me smile :)

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