still can recall

Friday, July 25, 2014

it have been a long time for me not open my skype account
i guess almost a year
and turns out its hurt
because i still can see the chat and call history between me and A
and i can recall what was our talks about
i still can recall our excitement when we could saw each other face
i still can recall how we missed each other but we couldnt meet yet
yes i still can recall.

sometimes i wonder
will i can love another man as much as i loved him ?
will i ?
because i can't deny that i loved him from the deepest of my heart
that it was the deepest relationship i've ever been with
will i can really move on to another man ?

maybe he thought by start seeing someone else, i already wiped away the feelings
i havent and i dont think i could :((
even before i found something in his phone when we met on May
there still a tiny part of me that still hoping that someday we'll continue our happy time together
but now i know i shouldnt have that hope anymore
because he clearly already over it and he asked me to not expect anything from him
so yes i wont expect

i just want you to know that i'm really thankfull for love we ever had
for all happy memories that we shared
it surely change both of  us,  kan ?
we were really happy with each other kan ?
i know you wont answer but let just assuming that the answer is yes.
so at least i still can smile :)

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