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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Haloooo !

So instead of being really unproductive in Eid holiday
I'm doing some browsing about best marketing school in the world
And found out that Australia is one of the closest country that have many good marketing schools
I know at first i really want to have my master degree in China
But Aussie is a really beautiful country, and i think it would be so wonderful if i could study there
Unfortunately, some programs i wana join require minimum 3 years working experience :(
So saad, because i plan to have my master degree, after 2 years experience.
I have lists of universities in Australia that i'd like to join with :

1) University of Melbourne
2) University of Sydney
3) Curtin University
4) University of New South Wales 

I know it seems really impossible to get the scholarship in those univ
But nothing is impossible, right ?
And no dreaam is ever too big !
Syemangaat ifalifaa

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