A Mentally Tiring Day

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hey, i cant sleep.
So i just want to share my about day
Since i got no one to share about it #curcolmelulu #padahaludahceritakemama
So today i had one of a thrilling experience about responsibility
I promised to KAM that the concert ticket will be done on today morning
But turns out the printing vendor got some trouble then it was delayed until noon.
KAM already promise to the distributors which is huge distributor about the ticket
And promise is promise, distributors insisted they have to get the tickets today.
Another problem then coming, printing vendor cant courrier the tickets to the distributor's office because its too far, outside Jakarta.
I cant push them though because its not their responsibility.
Then i cant said to KAM that the tickets cant be send to them today
I scared, i'm anxious because i already promised to her :""
Then miracle happen ! My boss said why i dont use Ojek Service instead i send it by myself
So i check to our OB whether he has an Ojek friend or not
And the good news is he has ! So i brief the Ojek and thanks God the tickets landed on Distibutors office safely !

Makin lama makin belajar banget tentang tanggung jawab
Karena kan apa yang gue lakuin ini bukan hanya akan ngebawa nama gue sendiri
Tapi juga nama Brand Team Big Babol * ihiy *
Dan juga bawa nama baik Marketing Team *asyeek* hahaha
Sembilan harii lagii menjelang konseer loh !
Printilan masih banyaak, hati masih kosong ajaa #eh hahaha
Abis konser kudu banget makan Pempeeeek :9

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