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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holaa !
I think its too early if i say that i like him.
But i almost feel something.
Well i think its a bit weird because he come just as same as i start to really move on.
When i just finally see the memories with smile.
So yea maybe its mystery of universe.
So this guy is stranger but not really a stranger bcause actually we met last year.
And we start talking about all of things, surprisingly we have somethings in common.
To be honest, i enjoy talking with him. Its like talking with an old friend from different campuss.
But i have some kind of feeling that he's in the middle of showing somehing #geerabis hahaha
Anyway, his joke is funny so yea i dont mind his weirdness hahaha #rese
Still dont know what will happen but lets just enjoy it :3
Just like The Corrs said : " Cause we're so young now, we're so young so young now "  :D

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