Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hola holaa !
Padahal lagi pengen packing buat liburan besok tapii malah sempet ngeblog haha.
Jadi tadi i have another meet up with this new boy ( its 3rd meet up btw )
And somehow i'm getting clueless about what's he currently trying to do.
Kyk apa ya, kode kode ada siih tapi in a really soft signals.
Terus kalo yg agak hampir modus juga suka muncul kadang2.
Actually i'm enjoying this gitu lho.
Kyk i like it when i can share almost everything to him in our call sessions.
Its kinda warming your heart ga sihh kalo ada org yg bersedia dengerin ocehan lo yg kadang2 ga jelass ? :")
And yet he also remember some details and its sweet.
So i guess, no need to questioning where will thiss going and what he actually feel.
Because i think we both know we enjoying this time and its enough for now. :)

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