Dreaming Someone

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Err jadi gini
Kan sebenernya kmrn gue post kalo gue sempet kangen lg sm A
Eh tapi kenapa malah td malam yang dimimpiin si (err sebut saja dia K )
Jangan-jangan dipelet hahaha #digetoksamaK
Btw janji ngasih oleh tapi sekarang orangnya malah sakit.
Get well soon K ! :)

Btw i chat with A today, and found out he already moved on too
And he's seeing someone else too.
Yeaay good for him :)
I ever thought that he cant move on from me
Hahahaha #pede #tingkat #dewa
Hope whoever we be with in future, we always be happy yoo :)

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