Life in Grandparents House

Sunday, November 30, 2014

its a nice and noisy sunday morning.
I'd like to share you about living in grandparents house which already i've been through for almost 13 years.
Almost half of my life spent in Rumah Umi.
So here's the story goes :
My mom is the 4th daughter and the most skillfull one in terms of cooking and taking care of the house so my grandma is so much depend on her ever since she was still on junior high school.
And also compare with another aunties, my mother is really engga tegaan. Even when we already lived in our own house, she always cooked everyday for my grandparents. I was still in elementary school back then.
Suddenly when i still on 5th grade, my family have financial crisis, my dad's store burnt and we decided to move back to Rumah Umi until now.
Theres so much differences between live in your own house and on your grandparents house, such as :
1) You'll learn to live in high tolerance. Seriouslyyy, every week or day there will be aunties and uncles coming, you have to serve them, you have to give your smile even you actually really tired. *pengalaman abis *
2. You'll learn to taking care of oldies. Especially my grandma because she is in the sick condition so need some help to take a bath or take wudhu etc. And beware oldies are cranky too wkwk but they are very wise indeed :")
3. You'll more independent or in my case didnt like to depend on other people's help hoho. Because sometimes people see us *my family* as an object that needs financial help and i dont like that perspective. I prefer worked my ass off than expecting someone will give the money. Thats why i've experienced in earning money since i was in high school. * life is tough indeed :3 *

Actually there are still many differences but i suddenly lose the writing mood wkwk * its too noisy here, lots of people sleepover todaay *

I'll see you in next post ! :)

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