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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hey !

I guess this blog readers already tired if i talking about my love life
Beside i guess i dont have anything to talk about love #completelysingle 
So i'll tell you about a thing that i've been doing in last 3 years.
On some of my post, i already said that i've been learning Mandarin Language
A language that really difficult based on some people's opinion
A complicated language too
But because i've got a chance to learn it during my highschool time
Then i decided to continue learning this during my college time
I still remember that i used my part-time job salary to pay my first Mandarin Course :")
It was end of 2011.
And without realizing it, it already almost 3 years.
Of course there's some ups and down.
My score was high on 1st level and 2nd level
But slightly decrease in the next level due to the high level of difficulties
I even failed 2 times, i re-take the level 4 also re-take the level 6
I know it had been a tough times
Not easy to spare your time to exercise the hanzi in your daily life
Especially if your job dont have any correlation with chinese language hehe
This year, i've a goals related to Mandarin.
I committed to myself that i have to pass the HSK 3
HSK or Hanyu Shuping Kaoshi is a standardized global test about chinese language.
And to make it more real, i already register and paid for the test
The test itself will be held on December 6th which is 1 month from now !
Really excitedd but lots of things to prepare indeed hihi
Wish me really luck !

Ifalifa :)

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  1. I share your predicament and I've been trying to learn Chinese for years now (I'm at level 5 now). Anyway, The good news is, you will pass, sooner or later. Of course, the sooner the cheaper it is. Even so, perseverance will tip the deck in your favor. And chance always favors the prepared mind. If you have access to web, there are thousands of resources. In spite of myself, google translate helped a lot. If you have an android phone, free apps like HSK Locker, HSK Free has been helpful to me, among many others. Like I said above, whats important is you keep at it. Took me 3 years+ to get to get to level 5. If I can do, surely you can do better. 加油 !

    1. Ni hao !
      Wow thank you for your tips and comment ! Are you indonesian ? I would love to talk more about mandarin with some other people that have been struggle with it. :)


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