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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Buenas Noches !

I just realize that my last post is very emotional & undescribable
Maksudnya ngaco gitu lho postnya, ternyata yaa blame it to hormonee besokannya i got my period.
Anyway the beginning of 2015 is really full of surprise, which are :

1) Accompalished HSK 3 yeaaay and i got 259 scoree. Yuhuuuu ! Get ready for HSK 4 in April :)

2) Have my 1st presentation to external PVMI in Center Fresh launching and KR said she will use this to suggest a better title for me, oh my semogaa bisa jadi ABM :""")

3) Meet up with my beloved girlfriendss, definitely happiness. We also exchanged gift loh wkwk tumben kan unyuu.

4) Got a "not so can be called" crush because we only commit as friend for sharing. Pfft i know this lame haha. But we both is in the situation that dont need any serious relationship gitu lho. Jadi yaa gitu ajah. Anyway this guy is the most handsome guy i've ever ' date ' with hahaha. So far, the talks was good and no feeling involved hoho

Greaat beginning, hopee lotss surprisee will came alongg :)

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