Sunday, January 04, 2015

Just have a little bit too sensitive moment with myself
So my highschool best friends are keep talking about marriage and settle down etc
And i feel like a bit left behind
Like its a wrong way to think that settle down is still long way to go
I mean its not that i dont want to settle down soon
It just i've been trying so hard to stop making myself guessing wheres my the one, when will he enter my life and how he enter it.
It just hurt when someone said that " ati ati lo yg lain aja udah mau settle down peh "
Yes i know it then so what ?
Come on, i'll only be 23 years old this year.
Dont make me so burdened with this settle down thingy.
Its good if almost of my best friends already found their man, i'm truly happy for them.
Of course, sometimes i do feel jealous. We're just human, right ?
One thing i know for sure, my man will come when i'm ready for it. :)

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