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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hey !
Ao many thing happen today since early morning and i felt headache. Umi is entering hospital again. God please give her recovery :"""

Anyway yesterday i meet up with I again. And it was nice. You know what make it nice because i dont baper anymore hahaha. Its nice to have someone to tell your stories, gigling together and also laugh together. We also exchange gossips about our both unlucky lovelife. I like to being around him just same with i like to being around another friend of mine, Bari for example.

So i guess during my " open to talk with anyone " year, he will always be one of the person that nice to hang-out with.
And theres no need any explanation about what about other's perception also what will happen next. It even doesnt matter at all.
What matters the most is i always feeling comfortable to talk with him and i think he feels the same too. #pede hahaha

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