Energy Drowning Week

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Halooo !
Its weekend finaleeeeh
Just visiting Ayah Alii and as usual got many life lessons. :"")
Alhamdulillah ya Allah masih bisa silaturahmi sama kakek, bisa beliin makanan dan sharing2 tentang hidup :)
Anywaaaay, this weeek was such one of the hardest weeek during my time in PVMI.
Consumer promo start while i'm also jugling with event preparation and also something happened too.
Even in Thursday i came home and crying like a baby in front of Mama
Hell yeah growing up process aint that easy yaah :"")
And the issue wasnt something can be explained here but i just getting realize that you will always still keep getting obstacles in every aspect of life
Thats why its really important to stick in your values and doing only good things wherever you are :)
But anywayy, many good things happened too like preparation for Belitung Trip and also being introduced to one new man wkwkwk #tetep #genit
Yaah kebetulan sih emang lagi ga ada yang isi nih hati hahaha gelii bgt ipalipa.
Anyway one week left to Big Babol Serbu Bandung and 2 week left to Belitung Trip !
Letsss do your very bestt faaa ! :)

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