Serious Relationship ?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Heyho !
Cant sleep in the middle of the night.
Hmm so i guess its perfect time to tell about my current lovelife.
As you all know in my previous post, my friend introduced me to a new man. A very mature one
And i thought well lets give it a try, then we chat quite intense also meet up once.
Then he asked me about where will this relationship going because he dont wanna wasting his time to figuring out further.
I'm quite speechless when he asked that.
You know i could easily said yes i wanna be in serious relationship with him.
But then i realize that i'm not that ready.
Or i havent got the chemistry yet with him so i think it wont be worth it to continue this.
Then he said ok and dissapear.
From this i learnt that getting to a serious relationship isnt a race.
You dont just waiting the fastest racer to win your heart, its the racer's personality that will win your heart :)
I know he currently in his own way.
So why not prepare the best so i could be the fully-packaged finish point :)

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