Mind Blowing Week

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hello from a hectic Pedati house !
So this week is kind of mind blowing week for me.
Start from Gilov LCD was error in couple of days so i got trouble to answer call and reply WA about work matters (anw, the expense of changing the LCD is really expensivee :""" )
Another one is heard that I finally have a crush on a girl hahaha as a good friend i should be happy for him kan yah ( but i dunno why this heart feeling a little uneasy :s )
The biggest one is Ka M did some confession about his feeling which makes us a bit awkward, me actually the one who awkward.
Dunno i just not sure about his true feelings and about my feelings too.
I guess we need some neutral time.

May the rest of this month going well
Im a bit tired of drama

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