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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heyho !

Well from the title maybe you already can guess what i wanna tell about.
Err so after some considerations, i decided  to give him a chance.
I think i can see that he's really sincere with his feeling.
And also by seeing his efforts to win my heart, i can conclude that he is serious with me :"")
So yeah, he's worth to have, right ?
But then i give hime some conditions, one of it is introduce him to my family members.
And he was really confident.
The respond from my parents were also good too ( awas lu jgn geer, haha)
Well i know my decision isnt inline with my earlier thought about pacaran.
But actually its really important for me to know inside-out of a person before marrying him.
And thats what we do right know.
So, welcome to my life Ka ! :)
Hope our journey will end into something beautiful called marriage yah. 

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