What July Was All About

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Happy Sunday !
A closer week to #JogjaTrip hooray !
Anyway i'd like to tell you about this year July
One word that can symbolize my July 2015 is OPPORTUNITY
Yes, this month i finally getting and also giving opportunities.

Start from i'm giving opportunity for him to get closer.
Yeah finally i did that
After quite a long time not sure that i can have another serious relationship again.
Now i know still a long way to go, many stages to through but i have a faith, these things gonna be worth it. :)

Then from career life, i was getting 2 opportunites from other companies
It was really surprising ! I havent yet 2 years in PVMI but godaan kok ada aja :"")
But after thinking wisely and asking another persons opinion, i decided to stay in PVMI.
Selain karena kontrak MTnya belum selesai juga karena lg persiapan s2 kan.
Yaa walaupun belum diterima tapi daripada terima tapi nanti jadi bikin galau kan hahaha.
But anyway gue tetep interview di salah satu perusahaan itu dan turns out itu jadi pengalaman berharga banget sih. Jadii kalo professional hire interviewnya kayak gitu yaa hmmm :3

Semoga selanjutnya akan ada banyak opportunity-opportunity baik lainnya yaah :)

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