Changing Plan

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another saturday night but earlier just had quick but fun date with Uda.
Soo hmmm i think the plan is changing :''')
After some considerations, feedbacks from here and there also the rapid growth of feeling hahaha
2016 will be (Insya Allah) Our Wedding Year.
This is also to prevent us to making further sins.
Yaudah tau pacaran haram masih aja dikerjain sih faa

On last Ied Adha, my Grandpa asked me to invite him, introduce him to my big family.
A bit too early maybe, but thankfully it went well enough :)
He getting along with my cousins and uncles.
The responses from my "cerewet" aunties also nice. Hehe
Everyone just keep asking " Jadi kapan ? Udah book gedung ? "
If only they know it's a bit intimidating wkwkwk.

Anyway, i fully aware that the wedding prep wont be easy.
Definitely will have lots of dramas.
Plus i'm in the middle of preparing my master degree and new work-load in office.
But, since it will be once-in-a-lifetime experience.
I think we will enjoy it to the fullest :""")
I'll be update the journey with series yaak *berasa ada yang baca*
Same like when i had job-seeker journey, then the series will be :
" Lika Liku Wedding Preparation "
Ahahahah sungguh ga penting namanya ipalipa 

Wish us luck yah.
Bismillahirahmanirrahim :)

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