New Dreams To Go - Lancaster University

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Holaa !
I would like to introduce you, one of my current goal  which is :

So after being quite in love with universities in Australia especially UNSW
Then i was doing a mini research about marketing program in UK.
And found out a different couse in Lancaster University !
The name is Advanced Marketing Management. 
Wohoo sounds so cool, right ? Wkwk
Well, i saw the subjects and the curriculum and even getting more interested.
I knooow i seems like inconsistent with my choice of study ( Was interested to RRC then Aussie then UK)
But right now, i'm 100 % serious with the choice !
Even already applying LPDP with this course hahaha ( Even havent got any LOA ) -_-
The process itself wont be easy, i surely aware of that.
But, that makes life feels interesting, right ?

Wish me very luck, dear readers ! :)

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