New Rhythym

Monday, September 21, 2015

Well, its already almost reaching End of September.
Thanks god, payday is getting closer HAHAHA #bulansuperbokek :")
Hmm lot of stories actually, but i'm too lazy to share it all #berasapenting
The key changes on past 2 weeks maybe the new rhythym at work.
Lots of differences that lead to positive improvements.
Dont know why, i feel like this changing-phase will give a good effect to PVMI #anaknyakansotoy

Another big thing is Echa my very bestfriend is finally settle down
What a big year for gengs yaaak, two wedding in the same year hahaha
The wedding of Echa will be on October.
Cant wait for it and cant wait to introduce Uda to my inner circle. :3

Anyhow, the IELTS was really unpredictable.
Was being too nervous that leads to bad things :(
Just wish the result will be as good as i expected.
Aaamin Yaa Rabb :)

Everything seems impossible until its done ya faaa
Lets give your best shoots
Cause you know you can do it, right ? :)

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