Kahitna - TAK SEBEBAS MERPATI (Official Video)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I think this is one of my most favorite Kahitna Song
Settle down or tie the knot is not an easy decision.
Imagining you will only have one special guy for the rest of your life wkwk.
As a freedom seeker, i also dont understand why i finally said yes.
Eh he actually havent did the " engagement thing" yet sih
I mean there's still no ring lies on my finger :p
But with all those preparations, it just not logic if i said i havent decide yet :3

Love is weird, right ?
Sometimes it hurt us
Sometimes it make us happy.
Sometimes it come unexpectedly, just like him.
And sometimes there's a voice in your mind which telling you that he's the one :)

Though, we do lots of argue
Fights, jealousy, insecureness etc.
But one thing i know, i can handle it for sure. ( walau pelototannya itu nyeremin banget ) :)
Oh i'm too often write a mellow yellow post like this hahaha

See you on more inspiring post wkwkwk

PS :
Aku buat post kayak gini ada bayarannya loh ya Uda :P

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