Do I Really Wanna Get Married ?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Howdy !

I know the title a little bit controversial
But somehow this question keep showing in my head
Well i was scrolling my old post and found this post 
My 21 y/o version was blabbering about marriage.
And wrote that she want to get married around 3-4 year ahead.
Then here i am, almost 24 y/o in 2 months and will get married on the age 24th.
Universe works too funny sometimes :3
Sometimes, you really have to be careful for what you wish Faa :")

If someone ask me, do you really want to get married fa ?
Well,  of course i am.
But i just not imagine that it will be that fast
I mean it still feel a bit surreal
Since everything runs almost smoothly
He came, introduce him to my parents, he said he wanted to marry me
He ask my parents about that, both family agree etc etc.
Gosh, it feels like magical.

But instead only preparing for the wedding ( which cost us highly :p)
Maybe i or we should start for the marriage itself.
We all know marriage isn't an easy.
Its a hugeeee commitment :"")
And to be honest, i'm a bit scared :s
Could i through it all ?
The pregnancy, the parenting, maintaining relationship, household.
People said, marriage is learning by doing
There aren't any magic tips or strong theory about marriage.
Every marriage has their own problems and solutions.
I really hope that whatever problems we will face in our future marriage, we will through it together :)

Bismillah yaah :")

*jadi curcol panjang*
*padahal lagi bete abis dicuekin*

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