Sunday, February 21, 2016


Another " birthday - themed " post.
Well, Alhamdulillah for another new age :"")
This year is gonna be a big year since there'll be once in a lifetime moment that happen to my life.
I know i've been blessed too much
Even more that i deserve :""
Although still much complaining about life.
But i'm truly thankfull ya Allah SWT.

This year birthday is quite different, i got one additional surprise beside from family & colleagues.
The one that insist to meet me even after his motorcycle got trouble for hours.
Thank you for being really stubborn, dear Uda :*

Anyway, i felt the birthday wishes becoming lesser than usual
Even some close friends didnt say anything again :(
Sad ? Of coursee.
But i think maybe its the reflection of what i did to them
Maybe i wasn't being able to catching up their stories
Or it simply because they dont treat me as good friend anymore
It's okaay sih cuma sedih dikit.
Tapinya wishes dari teman terdekat dan keluarga banyak yang menyentuh hati banget :")
Banyak yang doain dapat s2 dan nikahannya lancar.
Well, thats a positive side kan ? ;)

Bismillah for the new age ! Gotta do my best :)


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