Whats on 2016 ?

Monday, January 09, 2017

Heyhoo !
Wohooo 2017 already. 
And as usual, every year i will share about my key highlight of the year.
Lets put it on list .

1) Marrying The Right Man 
Yup yup ini sih highlight of the year banget wkwk,
Jadi kita awalnya totally stranger sampe jadi chat buddies dan akhirnya menikah :").
Jodoh memang sungguh misteri yaw.
Anyway, it has been 5 months of marriage and it is surely awesome !
Alhamdulillahirabilalamin, dikasih nikmat jodoh sama Allah SWT :)
Doakan segera dikaruniai buah hati yang sholeh dan sholehah yahh 

2) Being Promoted at Office
Wohooo ini juga highlight of the year !
Salah satu hal yang paling menyenangkan adalah knowing other people know that you are capable.
I could say this thing happened is the collaboration between hardwork & luck.
I know still long way to go, but i'm on my way :D 

3) Achieving as LPDP Awardee 
Too many blessing i had 2016
After some preparations since 2015, i'm finally applied to this prestigious scholarship.
And Kun Fayakun, i passed the test :"")
Walaupun akhirnya bukan di luar negerii, tapi i think this is a rare opportunity that not everyone could have, 
Doakan lolos tes tes kuliahnya yah :)

Sepertinya itu adalah 3 highlight utama deh :).
Masih banyak lagi sih cerita tentang 2016.
Intinya 2016 was a TRULY BIG year for me !
Thank you so much Allah SWT for all the blessings !
Lets do more on 2017 !

Cheers !


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  1. yg no 3 ntuuu, mupeeeennnng
    ada tips n trik kah mba. mau dungz.
    kli aja ada contoh essay dan berkas2 lain, klo berkenan mohon dikirimkan via email mba.


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