Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey !
I supposed to be doing some tasks but googling seems more appealing :p
So, on Friday night after a looong overtime day, me & Uda relaxing around TIM.
Chit chat about this and that
Until i challenge him to take the test.
Me already took the test last year and the result was ENFP.
The result of his test is INTJ.
We're truly have different personalities ! ( which we faced everyday :p)
But somehow, we completing each other.
I'm an extrovert person while he's introvert.
I love being center of attention while he choose to stay away from crowd wkwk
Allah SWT is amazing, you know :"")
The way Allah SWT match one person to another is beyond our imagination.
I couldn't imagine if i have husband with same personality, maybe we'll argue all day haha.
It just really amazing to see how do Allah SWT has prepared our destiny.
For those who still waiting your mate, #just #keep #believing you'll find the one at the soonest with Allah SWT blessings :)

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