Less Ambitious Soon To Be Mom

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Heyho !
So my baby is reaching 14 weeks, wohooo.
In next control, i guess we can start knowing my baby's gender.
And i'm very excited about it hihi :)

Also, i realized something during this pregnancy.
At first, i have many targets related what i want to achieve during my master degree.
I already feel regret about failing study abroad.
So i want to make sure, i will do my best during this 1,5 years.
But then, suddenly i know that there's baby in my belly.
It's surprising ( of course ! )
Although me and husband already waiting for it :")

Then slowly, everything's changed.
Honestly, i was facing some depressions :(
Because the rapid changes of hormones, uncontrolled mood etc.
I was afraid i couldn't achieve what i planned before.
My target to be cum laude, my FWP project and so on.
Even sometimes i end up crying out loud during the early weeks of pregnancy.

But on some point, i start to let go.
I'm slowly accepting the facts that maybe it's okay.
It's okay to be less ambitious during this pregnancy.
So much difference in terms of energy, physical condition compare with my normal life.
And it's okay :"")
As long as i still could keeping up with the studies
As long as i still could giving the best for my baby.
It's really okay.

Let's do your very best faa.
You sure know you can do it ! :)


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