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Friday, June 05, 2020


Well It's already June !
2020 truly running faster than i imagined.
Anyhow, welcome to another post of Lika Liku Working Mom series !

I just want to tell my story not giving any tips or anything wkwk
As you all know, right now i can say i'm living my dream career.
For my best friends, they might be already know how i love marketing & brand world.

Ever since early year of S1, i clearly know what i want.
I really want to have career in brand team FMCG.
How i really trying to get internship on FMCG company wkwkwk.

And now, i'm finally got it
Although still lacking here and there, but here i am living my dream career,
Somehow i feel that i've been so lucky :""")
It surely not only because my efforts but also pray from my loved ones.

Haah, but one thing for sure it turns out also not so easy yah hahaha
Even it's your dream job but it's sometimes sucks also wkwkwk

Anyhow, lets just do your best dear myself !

You know you can do it, right ?


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