A Letter To Myself

Monday, April 26, 2021


So i've just realize that in early of this year i wrote a very beautiful letter to myself :")

I'll put in here as reminder that i'm that wise wkwkwk. 

A Letter to Myself 

Dear Ifalifa, 

I hope you'll always find peace in whatever you do in near future. I hope you're living your life to the fullest while also balancing the priorities. 

I wish you have more solid confidence to always stand tall, not feeling so insecure. to eager to learn from failures and bounce back again. 

I hope you raising Gladisya well & keep connecting with you loved ones and ensuring that they know you love them. 

Dont forget to take pause for a while, if you are feeling too exhausted. It's tiring i know, but if it's for great result then dont give up. 

Always remember to take care of yourself first, exercise well, eat well. 

You're loved, you're worthy :)


Your 28yo self 

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