Thoughts About Dead

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


I hope you all doing fine in this 2nd wave of COVID 19 pandemic. 

It looks so hopeless about how Indonesia government handle this issue. 

I'm constantly moving to feeling really privilege to feeling so helpless in related the how unfortunate the other people :""(

Its like on and on nightmare you know?

Hearing another deads in almost every hours, it is too heartbreaking. 

It even coming to closer circle.

Which also give me thoughts to also preparing about death.

Because we never know, right

We never how the virus can affected our body 

No matter how young you are

It is tooo frightening. 

And i keep thinking that what if it happen to me ? To Uda ?

I know i shouldnt do that. 

I hope you guys always stay safe and stay healthy. 

I hope you find it something useful related to my blog. 

Thank you for all of you who have spent your time in my blog.

Insya Allah see you on another post yah 


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